A simple way to become better at writing

Simplicity matters. Almost in every thing in life. So does in writing.
When I started PaperKup’s Blog I wanted to be valuable for English and Spanish speakers, so from the beginning was available in both.
Early on I struggled with translations. Not just because they were time consuming, but for the hurdle of finding a different way to say the same thing in both languages. And you know what? The key was to write it so simple until the translation process became easier and easier.
Making it simple has its benefits when translating it. But what most people don’t know is that when you make it that way, it gets easier to understand–which ultimately generates more value for the reader.
Maybe you don’t want to write a blog in two languages, but what if you’d have to hire a translator? What if the difficult it is a text for translating the expensive it gets?
So if you want to become better at writing, make it easier to translate.