Take care of the garden

The stuff you consume shapes your thoughts, therefore, your life
Zig Ziglar in one of his books, See You at the Top, makes this metaphor on how the mind works:

“The mind works like a garden. Everyone knows if you plan beans you won’t raise potatoes–you will raise beans. Obviously, you don’t plant a bean to raise a bean. You plant a bean to raise lots of beans. Between planting and harvest there is a tremendous increase in the number of beans. That’s the way the mind works. Whatever you plant in the mind is going to come up–multiplied.”

So, when you plant a positive thought into your mind, you can expect to grow lots of positive thoughts. They grow exponentially, however. The same goes to negative thoughts. They’re exponential too.
Choose carefully what goes into your mind. Remember… garbage in, garbage out.
This applies to friends, books, jobs and everything in your life.
PS check Zig Ziglar’s book See You at the Top, if you can, get the audiobook. It’s fantastic.