Brain RAM: apps and tabs that slow you down

Have you ever notice what happens when your phone works slow? Or your computer? Tablet? Server?
Most of the times what happens is that you’re using a lot of memory RAM, with a bunch of apps working at the same time, lots of tabs opened in your browser or who knows what. So what you do is to close as many apps/tabs as possible in order to get it to work at a reasonable speed.
Our brain works like a computer, or better said, computers work like our brains (!)
Having a great processor helps, just like having a great hard drive. But RAM is what gives you speed and agility.
What makes a computer goes fast is RAM. So if you want an agile computer–and a brain of course–you’ve got to free up some RAM.
It turns out that you can’t buy RAM upgrades for your brain–not right now at least, it’d be awesome though. But what you can do is to liberate as much space as possible so your brain becomes quicker and agile.
So how do you free up memory RAM?

  • Avoiding multitasking and closing unnecessary programs. Or even deleting them. Remember,  garbage in, garbage out.
  • Avoiding social media and other digital distractions.
  • Disconnecting from your phone.
  • Stopping unhealthy relationships.

A practice I’ve noticed that helps me to regain focus is to have some periods of time where I do nothing. No think, nothing.
Everything becomes down to freeing up RAM. The brain can’t process everything you expose it to, so it starts ignoring things. It’s up to you to remove the noise so you have some RAM to work on what matters.