Get out there

One of the early mistakes entrepreneurs make (as I did a while ago) is to build a product from a cubicle, isolated from the outside world, which oftentimes ends up failing.
That’s how corporations build products (and this might explain lots of things). Startups and small businesses don’t. They can’t, otherwise they don’t get to keep playing.
They have to be agile and adjust their course, building something remarkable that solves a customer’s need.
So how do they do that? Getting out there.
Change comes from the outside (almost always).
Go out there. Talk to your customers and build your product with them.
Unless you build with them, the likelihood of having something people won’t like is high. So instead of building something from your cubicle, roll your sleeves and GTFO.
PS The idea of getting out there is not only physically (it helps though), but virtually too.
PPS Steve Blank talks about this in great detail in his book The Four Steps to the Epiphany.