Inspiring story on how to change careers

I just found this post from Jennifer Dewalt back in 2013, when she challenged herself to learn how to code. So what she did was to create the 180 days challenge where everyday she created a new website.
I find this story fascinating for three reasons (read her post anyway):
1) Clear objective, daily deadline and public commitment. That’s by far one of the best ways to push yourself and do the work.
2) Focus on the basics. You don’t have time to mess around, so you’ve got to focus. How do you do that? By eliminating the noise and focusing on the important stuff. She said that at the beginning she was focusing too much on little details. It took her several days to change that, and without this clear deadline she wouldn’t be able to do it.
3) Great story. The act of doing it in public and write about it gives you a nice story. That brings opportunities and makes yourself indispensable.
This thing is not just for becoming better at coding. This is a strategy you can apply for everything. Want to learn something new? Set a deadline, do it in public and focus on the basics, all while you tell your story to the world.