Little big details

Today I had a conversation with a friend. He’s a doctor so he always has great stories to tell.
One of the stories he was telling me was how another doctor always got calls from people panicking just because he didn’t explain some basic things. Apparently one of his colleague’s patients received a treatment where his urine would be red for a couple of days. That was normal. At least it was in this doctor’s mind, so he didn’t mention it to his patient… So you can imagine the fireworks it ensued.
After this story my colleague said that one of the best things you can do as a doctor is to take the time to explain everything with an outsider’s perspective and really clear English.
This is so true that it applies to everything, because insiders always miss basic details.
Take teaching for example. Tim O’Reilly in the Tim Ferriss Show said that one of the keys of his early success with books was to explain everything detailed, so people wouldn’t get lost.
What happens when you become an insider is that you start avoiding basic details. Details lesser for you but a big deal for outsiders.
I believe that developing the skill of communicating things for outsider is critical… Maybe that’s the only way if you want to succeed.