What do people expect from you as a professional?

What do people expect from you? I don’t know, but I bet that you should challenge that expectation–which is different to ruin it. If you’re able to challenge the way people perceive your work, your art, then you can start having an interesting conversation.
Let’s pick an easy example: web designers.
What do people expect from web designer’s work? Fancy structures? Too many colors, images and animations? Well, that’s actually what lots of clients would expect from them. However, great designers are far from that.
A great designer knows that the stuff is expected won’t make it better. Maybe a great design would just work with plain text, a few images and no animations at all. (Hint: less is more.)
What about marketers? What do people expect from them? Interruption? Spam? That’s what expected more often than not. But the professional knows that great marketing is about permission, generosity and respect.
There’s a fork in the road here, and it happens to every industry. You can either get the expected road and give people what they expect, or you can behave as a pro and give people what they actually need.
The point here is this: you can’t be a professional unless you avoid those early misunderstood expectations. The only way to level up is to pick clients with whom you can challenge their expectations, or the ones with a clear understanding of what you can do as a pro.
Avoid clients with whom you could never challenge their expectations. They’ll drain your career and your reputation.
In the end you get to decide where you locate your art.