Two systems and the unconscious mistake

A few years ago Daniel Kahneman published a book called Thinking Fast and Slow, where he basically shows us two modes of thought: “System 1” is the fast thinking, instinctive and emotional, and “System 2” is slower and logical.
What I find fascinating is how important is this distinction when it comes to understand a market. Because too often our nature is to react to things, instead of thinking.
Let’s say you’re about to market a product. Your first reaction would be to think that people are logical, and at some point you’d end up saying that it’s common sense thatYour “System 1” is playing its part and you don’t even notice it. But, how about stopping and thinking about common sense for a second?
When people have more options do they buy more? (“System 1”) Or… Do people buy more when there are more options? Why? (“System 2”)
Would those people who said they were gonna buy our product actually end up buying it? Or… What would make those people to buy, who said they were going to buy, actually end up buying? Why would they do that? (“System 2”)
I believe it’s way more interesting to take a second and think about things using a deliberate and thoughtful process, rather than jumping to conclusions too fast.  When you interact with the market playing the “System 1” game, that’s a silly way to do it. The beauty of the “System 2” is that it allows you to get conclusions that changes dramatically the output. It requires a big cognitive effort but it will take you to places you couldn’t get otherwise.