The beauty of Airbnb

Well, okay, Airbnb is overpriced if you compare it with renting something directly from a landlord, but here’s the thing I love: transparency.
This month I’ve stayed in a house in Santiago (Chile) through Airbnb. And as I stepped a foot on this house the first day, to my surprise it wasn’t as cool as I thought. Let’s say it has its issues.
The first day I came to this house I met a German couple that were about leave. They were angry due to these “issues” plus some deficiencies in their bedroom.
I didn’t meet them for too long, but every single day I did, they were complaining (they had their right) and talking about the review they were gonna write to this airbnb’s host.
Yesterday I checked the host’s profile and I found a raving, angry and truthful review. It was polite, to the point, and it will help other guests to know what they’ll actually find in that house.
The thing is that these issues are not that a big deal in the end. Yeah, it could be better, but you can live with them. What happens is when you hide things, people will notice. In fact, that’s when people get angry and leave bad reviews.
It’s not my way or the highway anymore. People speak up. And sooner or later the truth comes out. It always does.
What’s great about this? It forces honesty and transparency.
The greatness of Airbnb and other platform alike is that, even though is overpriced, people rather pay more and get the right of speaking up, than saving a few bucks and hide their rave.
Maybe you can step ahead in your industry by selling pure honesty and transparency. Either way it will payoff.