Some things I wish I did early on (tech stuff)

Sometimes the simplest change can save you a huge headache. In tech related stuff I have two points.
Start using Linux.
Mac is fine as well, but not Windows. I’ve been using Windows for the last few years and in the long-run I’ve wasted a lot of time with it, plus the opportunity cost that goes with it.
You don’t have to start with Linux. Most people should use Ubuntu. It’s free, open-source and easy to use.
Its downside: it doesn’t have all the apps you’d want to. But, actually, the only apps I miss are design related, mostly form Adobe. What can you do about it? Install Windows as a partition and only use it when you need these programs.
Set up your own cloud server.
That means you can host your own websites within your server.
You’ll save a lot of money. I mean, a lot. And it’s not that complicated.
It’ll give a lot of opportunities.
Is it more complicated than a web hosting service company? Yes, it is. But not that much.
Is it cheaper to have a cloud server? You betcha.
If you just have a single website, you might think it’s not worth the hassle, and you might be right. But once you have two websites or more, the price increases a lot. And if you have to scale it’ll be a nightmare.
Just two things I wish I knew? Yeap.
Once you start using any Linux-based operative system you’ll see that it’s not that complicated and it opens a wide window of opportunities.
Using Ubuntu will make the setting up a server process easier. As well as running a localhost to test websites (in my experience with Windows was way complicated.)
In the long-run you’d be glad you read this post. (If that day comes, let me know!)
A little aside here: Why am I telling you this tech-thing in this blog? Well, this is one of the things we marketers struggle the most. And over time this thing makes a difference in your career, as it is learning design and programming. You don’t have to become an expert, but you do need to know the basics.
How about having a client that needs to have a website up and running quickly?
How about launching a simple website to test a new project?
How about being able to make small changes fast when things go wrong (because they will) and you can’t wait to have someone to do it for you?
I’m a big fan of outsourcing stuff when you can. But knowing how to use Linux and having a cloud-based server (besides programming and design) have saved my bacon more than once.