Why you should charge money for what you do

First offshipping anything requires an amount of effort behind the scenes that most people won’t be aware of.
Second, it’s neutral proof that you’re adding value to people’s lives.
Third, despite #1, you’ve got to make a living. And if you can’t make a living by doing that, then you can’t continuing adding value because you’re not able to make ends meet so you go out there and get a job.
Fourth, assuming that most projects today are software-based, maintaining a server is very expensive. Especially when you have to scale. The bigger the project the most amount of money it’ll demand.
Fifth, since you can’t do everything by yourself, at some point you’ll have to pay people to liberate some of the work.
In the end, money allows you to keep playing–which ultimately is the point, isn’t it?

“We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies”. —Walt Disney