Black or white or gray

When should you stick with something or let it go? Or is there any other option?
There are times when you’ve done a decision in the past that shapes your day-to-day and defines your work. Certainly at some moment you will reach a point when you’d ask yourself: Is this thing worth keep doing it? Why?
More often than not, when work gets hard we tend to find a way out. Sometimes it’s good to stick with it and make it to the end (what Seth Godin calls The Dip). But there are other times when it’s not about making it to the end or quitting–it’s about finding another way to do it.
Is there any other options? It’s a tough question you should ask yourself more. But I’m afraid it’s not one with an easy answer.
It’s not all black-or-white I guess there’s a gray area–and that’s something you shouldn’t take slightly.