Describing what a company does is a tough task. More often than not, what great marketers know is that it’s not about product specs, it’s about emotions (with few exceptions of course.)
However, despite describing companies by their product specs is not always a great move, there’s a sin in the way some of these companies describes what they do, and that’s the use of buzzwords.
Big data. Machine learning. Artificial Intelligence. Algorithms. Cloud everything. Crowd-something.
The downside of using buzzwords is not just a lack of imagination, but a long-term issue. Buzzwords are trends, and trends tend to disappear overtime. And what makes a marketing message is: (1) a powerful message, usually the reason why your company exists—and (2) consistency and patience to grow an idea in the market.
Buzzwords might make look a company like the cutting-edge in its field, but in the long term that’s a lousy strategy.