Don't be the expert

Novices don’t know what’s possible, so everything can be actually possible. The expert knows everything so it’s only possible what she thinks it is–which is oftentimes confine into a previous biased experience.
When Elon Musk, Peter Thiel and the rest of the crew started what later became PayPal, they were the novice of the banking industry. They didn’t know too much about it so everything was possible.
Of course, experts on the other hand knew too much about the industry. They were insiders who were too inside to see what was out there. They said that online banking was impossible and laugh at them.
PayPal proved them wrong. PayPal was the novice giving the banking industry a lesson.
So don’t be the expert, unless… you keep your mind opened as the novice does.
Can you come up with novice ideas to give your industry a lesson?