“I don't have time to think”

Sometimes I talked with friends, former coworkers, partners, whoever, and the advice might be different but the process is the same. They start complaining about something, to which I recommend a book (or suggest to find one), but they say they’re to busy… They don’t have time.
Most of them don’t pick the book. Most of them don’t acquire that new skill that would change everything. And years after years they remain the same.
This is important to highlight. Think about it, maybe they’d read the book and don’t change, but let’s say they would change… Remaining the same for years just because you haven’t spend 20 or 30 hours reading a book? That’s crazy.
Odds are that you’re in this spot in some part of your life. Actually we all are, aren’t we? Otherwise we wouldn’t have anything new to learn. The point here is that you can learn anything you want, the information is at your fingertips with the Internet.
Stop whatever you’re doing, nobody’s gonna die. Get a book on the topic and change the way you work/live forever.