The goal is to be less wrong

Too often founders think they have an amazing idea, they work hard to make it happen, and a year later discover that nobody wants to use their product.
When that happen maybe, just maybe, they’ll admit they were wrong and know it failed because it wasn’t a game-changer idea after all.
The thing you can learn from every one of those failures is this: You’re going to be wrong, so the sooner you interact with your market, the better. It might turn out that you can save a year of your life by talking with customers on day one—so go do that.
It’s interesting how successful people always assume they’re wrong in a humble way. If you go to any quote’s site and look for famous phrases, you’ll find it as a common pattern. One of my favorites:

“You should take the approach that you’re wrong. Your goal is to be less wrong.” ―Elon Musk

Don’t fool yourself. Nobody gets it right on the first shoot. Get out of your cubicle and talk with customers—so you can be less wrong.