Is it obvious? Check twice

From time to time I talk with first-time marketing students, I try to help them whenever I can and it’s fantastic. It’s not just the right thing to do, but I always learn something new.
A couple of days ago I received an email from one of these students and told me a few things he had learned. He said, “maybe this is obvious for you right now but I definitely haven’t thought about it in that way.” Oh boy… he was damned right.
I actually thought it was obvious what he told me, but at some point in my career it wasn’t. And that was when it hit me. How many things are missed because are obvious?
What is obvious for you now, wasn’t when you got started. And this is a critical point whether you want to market the benefits of your product or to teach something. It’s in the obvious where people get lost.
Putting yourself into a beginner’s mindset is a useful practice.
Ask yourself again and again what’s been missing out, because it turns out that most of the times the answer comes from missing the obvious.
When it comes to sell a product you have to educate your customers about it (except commodities, right?) In the end, what you want is to leave those obvious questions really clear, otherwise you might miss people along the way.
Too often we dive so deep into our areas of expertise that we start losing sense of what’s not so obvious for people. So figure out what insiders think is obvious, and double check if it’s clear enough, maybe that’s the missing ingredient.