How many project ideas do you have in mind?
Pick one at random. What would it take to make it happen?
If it takes too long or gets really expensive, can you make it happen in a month and/or make it cheaper?
There are projects that take longer, or are expensive. But you can make your ideas happen with less than you think.
Let me give you a quick example. Not long ago I had an idea. An open platform where you could search easily for microinfluencers and contact them.
I pictured this amazing platform with dozens of great features, a chat, a forum, a blog and many more things that would take too long. Instead I made a super simple version, just a simple database with user profiles—which you can find it now at
If the alternative is nothing, what are we discussing? Start before you’re ready.
Get an idea. Think about the fastest and reliable way to get it to market. Then ship it.
(PS. You can read a bit more about this project here.)