Today is the day

January 1st is the day where you decide to change something. Today is the day where lots of people decide to go to the gym, quit smoking or (fill the blank.) Just to name the most popular ones.
But notice I said decide, not start. Today is the day of promising. The good news is that it’s up to you to keep your promises. Which is great.
I wouldn’t say today is the day where you decide to do some stuff. Today should be the day where you change your mindset around an specific attitude you want to change.
Plan your first month today. This is how you can do it right now:
First, change your mindset of what’s possible and your expectations around that thing you want.
Second, schedule it. As Zig Ziglar used to say: “Make the schedule before you start.”
And the most important: put some triggers to ignite action.
Want to learn something new? Order some books (now.)
Want to redesign your website from scratch? Schedule one or two days where you do nothing else but that.
Want to start blogging? Start right now.
You can do anything you want, if you overcome the obstacle that gets in the way, which is your attitude around it. Again, the good news? It’s up to you.
Happy 2018.
(Edit: Seth Godin just published a post called “A Sprint”, you should read it right now.)