Yesterday I was working on my company and I had one of those problems that didn’t seem go away any time soon. Noticing that I wouldn’t come with a solution starring at my screen I went to my balcony, just to disconnect a bit.

Then I started to realize that from up here you can have a big-enough picture of this small city. It’s not too big you don’t get any feeling, but big enough to get a sense of it.
When you walk through the streets you don’t get the whole thing, just small details of different aspects of the city. Details help–in fact, they help a lot–but when it comes to get a feeling of the important things, the only way to find the right route is to zoom out.
So I was having this whole picture from my balcony, and that’s when I came up with a solution to my problem. It’s wasn’t a difficult solution, it just required zooming-out, remembering why I started the whole thing. Zooming out is way to dismiss details for a second and focus on the important stuff. For example, zooming out is having your mission statement (a real one) written on your wall so you can remind yourself your purpose as a company, your worldview.
Details matter, but they won’t get you back on track when you lose sight.
Go out to your balcony and get a feeling of what your worldview looks like. Then suddenly most of your problem will solve themselves.