Before you talk to somebody about your business

Given the opportunity to be heard, people usually tend to overwhelm listeners with as many information as they can (also known as spammers.) We’ve all done this at some point, and it’s a fatal mistake.
Somebody might just want to be nice and polite, but don’t really want to hear from your business. Others might want to heard about it, but not if it is a sales pitch. So what do you do?
Instead of overwhelming people with lots of information, first off, grab their attention. Thus, you can exclude the people who don’t want to hear from you. And secondly, you need to spark their interest. They might be interested though, but unless you transform that interest into desire, you won’t make the impact you seek.
So next time somebody asks you about your business, (1) keep it short and (2) spark their interest to know more about what you’re doing.
FYI, this is as true for business as it is for dating.