Can you succeed without being everywhere?

Well, the real question is can you succeed while being everywhere?
Last week I had lunch with a friend of mine. Somehow we talked about social media and she was shocked when I told her that I didn’t use Facebook, nor Instagram. She told me something like this: “With all the traveling you’ve done, you could have a pretty nice number of followers… It wouldn’t even take you so much time.”
Ignoring the fact that I wouldn’t like to do that, when it comes to choose a medium, you need to ask yourself two critical questions:

  1. Is this thing going to help you to make the change you seek in the world?
  2. Is this worth the cognitive load and the time I need to invest in it? What’s the opportunity cost?

If you’re serious about what you do, selecting carefully where you put your attention on becomes vital. Some people are everywhere — for some reason that’s their strategy — but more often than not, that’s a mistake. You don’t have to be one of those people. Instead, pick just one medium where you can interact directly with your audience and focus on that.
In order to make the change you seek happen, focus on a single channel, exclude outsiders, and manage properly your time.