Why I started blogging in English, instead of Spanish

First off, I’m from Spain, just to clarify, so the title makes sense.
The easiest option for me would’ve been to start blogging in Spanish. When I got started most of my contacts were Spanish speakers, so I would’ve got an easier way to build an audience. However, early on I noticed something interesting: I was reading none or few Spanish blogs, and most of them were too basic to appeal most Spanish readers.
I hate to admit it, but the best blogs are often available in English.
Let me give you an example so you can get another perspective. Let’s say you’re are an ambitious actor or actress who wants to be at the top of the movie business. Well, being in your hometown is an option but it won’t help, right? So if you want to level up you’ve got to go to Hollywood. Period. In that way you could play with the best of the best, and more importantly, you’d be in the game.
You can pick any example you want, but there’ll always be a barrier you need to cross in order to get into the game. That might be changing location, language, friends, you go down the list.
In my case, there was no discussion at all. Once you start blogging in English you’re automatically competing with the best of the best. Maybe if you want to build a business around it, you could be the best of your town, that’s totally okay. But if you want to level up, there’s no other choice.
So, either case, find the barrier that gets in your way and cross it. Thus, you get to play the game. If you’re serious enough with what you’re doing, there’ll be no discussion about it. It’s tough, but that’s the first obstacle to overcome.