The Falcon Heavy Test Flight

A few hours ago I started to talk with friends about this launch of the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket ever built. I didn’t talk with too many people, but I did talk with some enthusiastic friends about what was about to happen next.
After a delay of a couple of hours, liftoff was happening… I had to admit I was nervous. My friends were nervous. Everybody who happened to be watching it was nervous.
Then the rocket went supersonic and the rest is history (it will be.)
It was amazing. It was a moment about us, where we shared the experience of the first step to colonize Mars.
In fact, this wasn’t just about the biggest rocket ever built. People didn’t just go to Cape Canaveral (where they launched the rocket) or follow the live broadcast in YouTube.  it represents change.
SpaceX has been talking about their mission (colonize Mars) for a really long time, and they are making change happen. We follow them because they had the guts to stand up.
And that’s the top level any company can achieve: Making meaningful change happen and inspire people to follow them.