The penny chasm

There’s a huge difference between getting something for free and paying a penny. Most people who use your product for free, won’t pay for it. However, once they’ve paid a penny or more for it, you’ve got more chances they pay more for it in the future
This is a big idea.
Think about that for a second. How many products do you use for free? Lots of them. How many products you used for free and then decided to pay for them? Not that many, right?
On the other hand, the conversation stops with products you’re already paying for. If they decide to charge you more for a new feature, you’re more likely to pay an extra buck for it. That doesn’t happen with free products.
The thing you have to keep in mind here is this: There’s a huge difference between free and a penny. There’s a chasm you need to cross eventually if you want to build a business and not be one of the many apps (to put just an example) that die for lack of cash flow.