Positioning a brand in its early days

There are two ways to position a brand in its early days.
The easier one, is to find an opposite brand, that gives you an anchor to play against. It’s way cheaper and easier for people to catch up. Here you can think of the classical example from the book The 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing, where 7up worked their way up by positioning their brand as the uncola. People already had an spot in their minds for cola, so 7up had a blank gap they got to fill.
The other way to position a brand is what Apple or Google did. They didn’t position themselves as the opposite of the PC or Yahoo, they built their own thing. This strategy is more complicated and eats up more resources because you don’t have an empty spot for what the brand does. But the payoff can be astonishing.
Two different ways, two different results.
There’s no right way to position a brand, it’s a matter of choosing due the circumstances and resources available.