A kid stole a banana from me

Today something funny happened. Every Saturday comes a housekeeper to the airbnb I’m staying in Lima, and today she came with his three-year-old son. Very funny kid.
I was in the kitchen eating some grapes, and he was looking at me with a face that said: “I want some of those too”. So I gave him some grapes and he run away happily eating them. It was fun.
After that I went again to the kitchen and the kid said directly to me “I want a banana”. So I took one and before giving it to him I said, do you want half of it, or the entire banana? He didn’t a say a word… I didn’t even finish the question, he grabbed the banana and started eating as he walked away. I loved that!
There are all these opportunities in front of us. Sometimes nobody tells you whether you want just half of the banana, and even if they do, you can grab the banana and walk away with it.
That kid didn’t just wanted a piece of it. He was hungry and determined to get what he wanted. You can be that kid.