Watch out the reward

Whenever you find yourself unhappy with how people act, watch out what they get rewarded for.
It doesn’t matter what you think about it, because people won’t change until the reward changes.
What matters is to identify the rewards, and then change the conversation around the actual problem. Maybe you can change some minds along the way.
Alas, changing minds is a tough task. And it can go two ways:

  1. The idea of change is already in their head, so you just have to heighten it, and show them the way.
  2. Or, more often than not, the idea is not there and it’s difficult to make someone believe something they don’t. So the only way around it is to force them to change (if you’re able to.)

The idea here is simple. Don’t try to persuade people who don’t believe in what you do. Instead, find the people who already have that idea in their head, so only you can heighten it. And maybe, just maybe, you can teach the non-believers a lesson by changing the reward and forcing change.