Control Vs. Charge

One of the most painful mistakes an entrepreneur can make is not being clear on whether she’s an entrepreneur or a freelancer. The solution is simple though, they have to give up control and focus on being in charge. It may sound weird, but they couldn’t be more different.
A freelance or an employee has the control. That’s the person doing the work.
An entrepreneur is the one in charge—the person making strategic decisions and painting a picture of the future where she wants to go.
Even simpler. Let’s say you are football coach. Players have the control of what happens, in the end they control the match. However, the coach is in charge. The coach creates the strategy, manages the team and makes sure everybody’s on the same page.
Players are freelancers or employees. Coaches are entrepreneurs.
An entrepreneur can be a player who leads the team, but only at the early stages. At some point the entrepreneur has to give up the control and focus solely on leading. Not being clear on this is the biggest source of unhappiness.
The takeaway here is this: If you’re serious about being an entrepreneur, you have to delegate the control—and start being in charge.