How to digitize millions of old books for free

Big problems require big solutions… Is that true?
One of the biggest problem a few years ago was how you can digitize libraries of old books without typing them up yourself.
The first solution people thought was to use AI, but a computer couldn’t figure out some words from old books, it was just basically impossible — but not for humans. Any human can tell what word is in an image even if it’s a bit fuzzy.
So the problem was how do you get people to digitize these books?
Have you ever filled out one of those “security letters” called CAPTCHAs? Yeap, I bet you have. That was how you contributed to solve this problem, allowing Google digitize more than two million old books per year.
Big problem, smart solution.
What’s the problem you’re working on?
Or even better, what are the problems you don’t even work on them because they are impossible?
Is that problem truly unsolvable?
Maybe you can find a smart way like Google.
There’s always a way.