What leadership is actually about

If you attend to my talk and you’re bored, that’s not your fault—it’s mine.
If you read my blog post and you don’t get the idea, it’s my fault too.
If I’m explaining you my business and fail to persuade you, that’s my lack of passion or ability to communicate.
If I don’t make the change happen… it’s on me.
It’s too easy to blame others by saying you don’t understand me. What’s hard is to say: I’m not explaining myself well enough, let me try again.
The key is to take responsibility and try again. You can redesign your talk, write in a different tone or be more passionate when presenting your ideas. If you blame others you don’t get to make these changes—hence it remains the same. Nonetheless, you can take responsibility and lead in a way that gets you closer to where you want to go.