Let's revive RSS

In a yesterday’s Wired article, they explain why RSS hasn’t died and how and why it’s still popular. I like some ideas they share, in particular when comparing it with social media. So what does a RSS offer you?

  • Control what you see. The thing with the filter bubble is that it controls what you should see next, however. With a RSS reader you choose what you read. You should be the one deciding what you consume.
  • See everything. The problem with social networks is that you never get to see everything. Great articles get missed.
  • Transparent and controllable information.

It’s not the first time I talk about the benefits of having a RSS reader, but knowing how social media and the newsfeed’s algorithm influence your life, if you use social media you probably should consider changing a bad habit:
I want to challenge you.
You feel the anxiety that leads to waste time on social media.
Instead of…
Checking your newsfeed and waste time scrolling down.
Open your RSS reader and check anything new. Thus you can replace a bad habit with a good one.