In the search of popularity

How can somebody increase her popularity in an easy and fast way? That’s the question most people ask themselves–far from being the right one to ask.
I’ve been following a woman online who used to post interesting stuff. Her posts were not too thoughtful but interesting enough. At the beginning she wasn’t popular but her content resonated among some people. However, if you’d been following her during a few months you could tell that something’s changed and she’s popular now. And that’s not necessarily a good thing though.
What’s happened is that she has dumb down her writing—now it’s not interesting and deep, just popular. Instead of looking for something of value she just looks for the thing that appeals to the masses, which means lowing dramatically quality.
That’s what happens when instead of looking to increase your impact you look for how to make the numbers go up. If you start with that premise then your next question is how you can get more people to click on your post (tweet or whatever)—inevitably ending up asking how you can appeal to the masses.
I know it’s difficult. It is difficult to spend a lot of time doing this and just get a few people to read your thing. Nevertheless, don’t forget that these people are the ones you have an impact on. Hence, the only way to make a bigger impact is not by asking how can you satisfy the masses (you won’t), but how you can make a bigger impact in that small group and reach more people just like them.
The big lesson here is this: Mass markets are very good at ignoring you. They are never satisfied, nor they care about you. But for the small group of people who follow you, the opposite is true. Focus on them, and define how many people you need to follow you. Then serve those people and take them on a journey.