The Recovery Rate

One thing experienced entrepreneurs know is that the first idea is never (almost) the right one. In fact, most of the times you have to pivot several times until you get to the right one. And in between those changes, you feel like shit.
It hurts. Really hurts. Until you get used to it—and in hindsight what at a first glance seemed like the end of the world, it becomes a minor change. You just adjust course and move on.
The thing is that in between the change from one idea to a different one, there’s a recovery process. You get down for a few days, until you get back and start again.
The time that passes between that change, is what I call the Recovery Rate.
Your goal as an entrepreneur is to reduce the Recovery Rate its minimum, so you can try more ideas and achieve success faster. It’ll take you a month at first, a couple of weeks, then a couple of days, and in the end it’ll be just a matter of hours.
You will get knock down. More than once. Sometimes it’ll be so hard that you’ll need several months to get back on your feet.
That’s part of the game. It’s okay.
The key here is to be able to get up faster and heal in record time.
Get up, fast. Recover faster… The clock is ticking.