The one thing world-class surfers have in common

Recently I’ve read a book called Smartcuts (read my notes here), and there’s a chapter I loved. It’s about surfing and the importance of getting on the right waves.
It turns out that in competitions, surfers with the highest scores are not necessarily those with the best technique, but the ones who can identify and catch the best waves.
It’s about observing and waiting. Observing patterns, trying to predict when and where will be the next big wage. Then, finding the right spot and wait until it comes.
The thing is, you can’t surf small waves and come back hoping to find the next big wave. The only way is to be on the right spot when the wave comes, otherwise you’d miss it.
I love this analogy.
Making change happen is hard, but it’s even harder when you’re having an uphill battle. You can surf as many small waves as you want, but then don’t complain when you miss the big wave.
Picking a big wave is not just about picking an opportunity… A big wave can make the change you seek faster and up your game to a whole different level.
Where are you in the sea? Are you picking small waves to see what happens? Or are you looking for the big wave?
If so, are you on the right spot so you can catch and have a nice ride?