The fast lane

This afternoon I was driving and I noticed something we all do but few of us are aware of it.
When you drive in the slow lane, you drive at your own pace. And when you encounter a slower car in front of you two things can happen: You either (1) slow it down and match you speed–or (2) you overtake it.
If you stay in the fast lane you tend to go faster, because if you don’t people will push you out of the way. Then you either go faster or go to the slow lane.
Well, I don’t think everybody should go fast with the car, but when it comes to make change happen you need to get into the fast lane.
If you’re serious about what you do, getting into the fast lane is the best way to work your way up. You get into the right environment. You push yourself to go faster, otherwise somebody will push you off-track.
We need you to get into the fast lane.