The next Big Brother will be in your home

Imagine this: you decide to invite over a group of people to live in your house, not as roommates, but more like a variation of the Big Brother’s show. They take precise notes about everything you say, how you think and who you hang out with.
Hence, since they hear and record everything, they can make predictions of your behavior and influence your behavior with suggestions of what to do and buy. Regardless the benefits they might bring you, you wouldn’t want a group of people listening and recording 24/7 everything that happens within your house, would you?
Well, the thing is that right now Amazon Alexa, Google Voice and new generations of AI voice devices are doing exactly that. So, some questions arise with this scenario:
Is it okay to have a speaker that listens and records everything you say?
Is it okay to have a big corporation storing all your private conversations?
Is it okay if that company gets hacked and your personal conversations get leaked on the internet?
Is it okay to let these companies have that kind of control over you in the first place?
I’m thrilled with all the new possibilities this technologies will bring us, but these voice devices are so powerful that shouldn’t be centralized and controlled by a few.
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) does the work, but we can’t rely on that. Because the way these regulations work is that when someone (take Facebook’s scandal these days as an example) violates privacy, then they act. But by the time they want to act the lock-in effect is very powerful and that behavior is already socially approved. (And of course these laws are only for Europe)
I don’t have a solution but we need to do something before it gets out of hands.