What are you a remix of?

You’re the result of the combination of two products: hardware and software.
The hardware is your brain. And most people on Earth have a high-tech device inside their heads so powerful than we don’t really know how it works.
However, the thing is that if you put your brain right next to Elon Musk’s one, you couldn’t tell the physical difference, could you?
That leaves us with a quick conclusion where the power resides in the software itself. The beauty of software is: no matter how different you think your hardware is, in the end, you are (mostly) the result of malleable software. And the good news is that you get to build your software. Nonetheless, there’s an important caveat here.
Your software is based on two parts: (1) Your operative system; and (2) The apps you put on top of it.
The apps would be your skills and abilities. But the operative system is your beliefs and perspective of the world. While obtaining apps is completely up to you, your operative system is the result of your environment—specifically the result of the people you hang out the most with.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
Jim Rohn

Since you know that hardware isn’t much of a thing, and that obtaining apps is not that hard, the crucial point is to get yourself into the right environment. (Either virtually or physically.)
In short, choose your environment carefully and be very selective with the people you hang out the most. Whether you want them or not, they’ll likely define you.