What's the thing about researching and reading?

Researching and reading is useful and fun, however, you’ve got to be super careful to notice when that process is sabotaging your work. Researching and reading can turn into a negative force if you let them.
Sometimes you reach a point when you don’t know the shape and structure of the idea, and more research won’t help you. That’s when start writing before you know what you’re writing about is critical in order to discover the idea.
You might notice that it sound counterintuitive, but the process of writing before you know what to write about is the only way to force some ideas out. It’s about using writing as a tool to discover your ideas and their potential — which you couldn’t discover otherwise.
Write, think, organize, write, think, organize, write again.
I want to be crystal clear here in case you miss the point. Many things require preparation and a thoughtful process before you take action. Other times though, it’s until you take action when you discover new possibilities.
Sometimes you’ve got to run before you can walk.