Show'em the real deal

Recently I heard an episode of The Tim Ferriss Show’s podcast, with Arnold Schwarzenegger as guest. And there was an insight that Arnold shared on his days as governor related with how to deal with climate change and its perception.
Schwarzenegger discovered that if he’d try to raise the concern of climate change as a long term deal, he wouldn’t get much of a change. What he did, however, was to focus on the short term consequences and make people feel the pain of climate change. So he changed his speech and used examples of not what would happen, but what it is happening. Facts like the 7 million deaths (!) that happens due to climate change, or the sea-level increase.
Today California is a global force when it comes to sustainable energy companies…
Change is always hard, but it gets way easier when you show people “the real deal”. When you can make them feel the pain of the consequences that are happening right now — the consequences the status quo is causing — then you get closer to the change you seek.
Once you do that, then you can present your solution to the problem.
PS. There’s a great book called The Power of Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. Read it if you’re interested in how to put this idea into practice.