The proven path

The thing when you get started with a business — especially if you’re not some fancy company from Silicon Valley — is that you need to plan for the money seriously. What bootstrappers know is that going through a path where nobody has been before eats lots of resources. So unless you have a cash cow that funds the journey, the smart thing to do is to go through a proven path.
The problem with being first to go thought a path is the need of resources to fund and build that path (true more often than I wish.)
So if you’re bootstrapping a business, you better pick a path where there’s a path.
Follow the money.
If you pick something that’s already proven, the journey not only gets easier, but real too. You don’t need a unique idea — steal a proven one. Find someone in another industry and do what they’re doing.
The good news is that, in the end, there’s no plan. Once you’re on track you’re going to change the plan anyway. Therefore, you’re better off with a proven plan, and then you can change it.
Once the money is taken care of, you can pursue and fund your bold idea.