Lately I’ve been actively noticing something obvious, but so true that is worth taking a second deep thought.
Let’s say I read some articles on the internet about a book–everybody says it’s amazing. What I do is to go to amazon and read some reviews, read more articles and thoughts on it, and maybe I’ll end up buying it. But that process is completely different is someone I trust recommends it to me. For example, every time Seth Godin recommends a book on his blog, I just buy it. I don’t have to google it, nor read reviews. I trust him, so I buy it.
Or consider when you read a blog post. If you don’t know the author you just read it. On the other hand, if that post comes from someone you really trust, you read it with different eyes. In fact, you’d agree before you even read it. It’s blindly faith.
The same blog post can make two different impacts. When you don’t trust somebody, it doesn’t matter how great is the content, you just won’t perceive it in the same way.
This leaves us with two interesting points.
First, it’s crazy that only famous or trustworthy people get all the credit of, let’s say, writing quality posts. In the good and bad way.
And second, whatever change you’re trying to make won’t happen unless you take care of the trust part.
There’s place for just a few people at the top. Some people are lucky and get there without working on their trust beforehand, but that’s not usually the case.
Want people to listen, truly listen, to what you have to say? Then the only way is to work on your credibility and trust.
Maybe the change you seek requires you to do something else to prove yourself to others. Thus, when the time comes people will actually trust you.