What I learned from a woman who suffered cerebral palsy

Today I met a sixty-year-old woman who three years ago suffered cerebral palsy. She has 65% of brain disability, but at first… I didn’t notice it.
So I asked her what was like to overcome her situation. She told that her first year she couldn’t move — nor talk or doing anything by her own. Everybody told her she wouldn’t be able to live a normal life. She wouldn’t be able to speak clearly, walk without crutches and of course not do anything that requires a high brain activity.
As you’ve guessed, they were wrong. Despite that 65%, she’s been able to live a normal life. As a matter of fact, she’s learning English now (she’s Spanish) — and we had the entire conversation in English (!)
What surprised me the most was her energy and eagerness to learn new things. In her own words: “Overcoming this palsy has been one of the most difficult things in my life. Everybody told me I couldn’t fully do it, so I had to prove them wrong… So what can’t I do now?”
My hat’s off. After talking with her I can’t really complain about anything. She’s living proof that there are more possibilities than we think.
Think about the thing you struggle with… Is it possible?