On finding your voice

Everybody’s got their heroes, and so many people copy their styles. I would give you some example of people who have copy someone else’s voice, but no name rings the bell. And that’s the problem.
It doesn’t ring the bell because we don’t pay attention to the people who don’t have their own voice. There’s just one Elon Musk, if there’s someone out there imitating him, we probably won’t ever hear from that person. The thing is, the best person at being Elon Musk, is Elon Musk. As long as you copy somebody, you’re doomed to be #2 in the best scenario—and we never hear from them.
You’ve got to offer something that’s unique about you. Something that no one else could be. You’ve got to be you.
Who could be you, but you? Nobody except you.
As long as you try to copy somebody else’s style, you won’t be #1. A more sensible way, though, is to find your unique style—that’s the only way you have a chance to hit #1.
This is why having a unique story is fundamental. A story can’t be copied. It’s yours, you own it. It’s part of who you are.
So offer something nobody else can be. Then, maybe, we’d be willing to listen to your story.
(A good hint here, often overlooked, is to think about your weaknesses. Most remarkable people found their style by transforming their weaknesses into strengths. It depends on how you see yourself.)