Overspecialize… or don't

Decades ago, before the Internet showed up (and on its early days), people didn’t have to be overspecialized. They didn’t have to position themselves against the world, they just had to be the best in town. Today geography is not as important as it used to be, but specialization? Specialization is more important than ever.
You just don’t compete with the best in town, you compete with the whole world. That’s why you need to pick a niche and be the best in the world at that. This is the best thing you can do for yourself as a freelancer. However, if what you want is to be an entrepreneur, don’t overspecialize. And by that I don’t mean your business — I mean yourself.
If you want to have more options and want to be an entrepreneur, don’t overspecialize. Get the most valuable skills you need in order to make your project happen (presenting, sales, public speaking, writing, raising money…) and focus relentlessly on your goals.
There’s no right answer, just the right perspective. And that’s why if you’re hesitating in which side you are, you need to be clear about this by yesterday.