The magic of blogs

The last few weeks I stopped blogging on a daily basis in order to focus on my latest project. That doesn’t mean I stopped writing altogether, but what I thought was still beneficial it turned out to be something different.
The magic of blogging is being vulnerable. Vulnerable to put something into the world and in five months from there and defend what you said or change your mind. Vulnerability and willingness to be wrong.
Writing on a daily basis is a great habit, but the act of putting your thoughts into the world has magic in it. The thing about diaries or some form of writing that you keep private is that you start hiding, and that’s where your ideas don’t evolve.
It’s been said that the secret is there’s no secret, but if I’d have to pick one I’d say the secret is to be willing to be vulnerable and put your ideas into the world.
Is there another way? I doubt it.