My problem with SEO

Things I don’t like about focusing on SEO:

  1. It makes you average. People don’t look for you when they search something, you’re generic.
  2. You can’t build an asset around it. At any given time they can change the algorithm and you’re out for good.
  3. It makes you dumb down your content. You don’t write for people, you write for a bot.
  4. Sooner or later you lose sight and just do things for the search engine.
  5. It steals time you could use in any different way.

I propose instead PEO (People Engine Optimization).
Do things for your people. Think about how you can give them the best value. At some point, if you’re good enough, your SEO thing won’t be a problem anymore, because people would search you by your name. And of course if you don’t show up here at the very top of the results, you’re in big trouble.