Ideas over industries

If we’re seeking to make change and create a certain impact, choosing the right industry or medium becomes critical.
The problem though is that, too often, we do things the other way around: we find an industry (usually the one we’re familiar with) and find an idea that suits within that industry. However, real change makers do things the other way:
They have an idea—a change they want to make in the world—and then look for industries that allow them to make the biggest and deepest impact.

Usually people let industries define the scope of their ideas, or the ideas themselves altogether. But if you really want to make change happen, you’ve got to commit to the idea and then find a suitable industry to push that change.
Don’t think about the industry you want to get in. Think about the idea you want to spread, then find the best industry to bring your idea to life. That way you get better chances to make something remarkable.
I’m not saying the other way doesn’t work—it does. But you’re better off starting with an idea rather than with a default box that you get to put only the ideas that fit in it.