What's going on with this blog? A few changes coming

There are a few changes coming to this blog, but I want to show you why they are going to happen.
First of all what is this blog about? Every time someone asked me that question I struggled to come up with an answer. I usually said this was a blog about privacy, marketing, ideas and change. But it is something different.
I’ve discovered that my blog is my training field. This is where I test my ideas, stretch them and then find a way to evolve them.
What, then, is this blog about? It’s about finding something that is broken and speaking up—with strong opinions in favor of privacy. It’s a training field.
So with that in mind there a few changes coming.
First, as you’ve probably read, I started the Private Wednesdays Series. Every Wednesday I’ll publish some ideas on privacy. Longer, thoughtful articles covering the problem we’re facing.
Second, those same long articles will be also published on Medium (that’s the PrivateID Blog).
Third, I’ll keep publishing thoughtful ideas on a daily basis so I can give you something new and challenging to read every day.
Fourth, a new podcast is coming soon. I’ll interview experts about privacy. Stay tuned. (In the future will be in video format as well).
Fifth, and last, I’m changing the domain of this site. Borjamoya.com will be the home page, but the rest is going to a new domain called: borjas.blog. You’ll see the changes in a few days.
Enjoy the rest of the summer if you’re on holidays. And if you’re not, remember that in two weeks you can get a lot done if you put in the effort.