What should people expect?

Tell people what to expect.
One of the things you learn with writing is that, if you want people to engage in your writing, you’ve got to give them something right at the beginning that sets the scene.
It’s like with movies and trailers. You can start watching a movie without knowing what it is about—but that’s rare. People, before watching a movie, play the trailer. That way they know whether it’s worth the time or not.
If you give them something to expect at the beginning, then people get the hook and want more on it.
If Kevin Hart says something, people expect him to be funny. However, if you’re never funny people won’t expect a laugh. You can make them laugh, but that’s more difficult because it would be unexpected.
Everything’s built into your story. The story people tell themselves about you. If you promise one thing (i.e. being funny), don’t change it unexpectedly—you would lose people.
Find your voice and build a story. Tell people what they can expect from you—your promise. Then stick with it.